5 min readJan 4, 2022

Less than 3 months ago we announced our plan to create a new, revolutionary mobile football game, CLUB. 10,000+ Pre-Registers and many, many cups of coffee later…. CLUB is happening!

We’ve been overwhelmed by the support from future CLUB Owners (COs) around the world and understandably, many of you are asking what’s been happening, when it will it be released? Games take a long time to build, even after announcement. Years and years in many cases. Don’t worry, we won’t be taking that long, but we also won’t be compromising on quality, so please be patient with us as we travel on this journey together.

We’ll be inviting feedback on specific game features in due course but in the meantime feel free to join our Discord where you can meet the community, team and chat football. No Messi v Ronaldo debates though please….

Before that however, let’s give you a small sneak peek to our thinking behind the game. We hope you’re as excited as we are and here’s a little teaser video to get you started (turn that volume ON)!! 🚀

Why we’re creating CLUB?

We’re of the belief that every football fan dreams of owning a football club. We all think we can run a club better than those in charge, right? Some of us might even do a better job…we won’t mention any names 🤫

So simply, that’s how the concept of CLUB was born: to give football fans the most realistic feeling of owning a football club, short of actually buying one in real life.

We’ll be making the game with a leading Game Developer who are wizards when it comes to creating gaming experiences; think Mbappe of the Mobile Gaming world: young, talented, flashy and in high demand.

We truly believe CLUB is going to be a global game that all football fans will love. Let’s Go!

A sneak peek…

As a Club Owner (CO) you’ll build your very own club from the ground up. Everything can be customised from the club name to your badge through to an elite team kit. The club itself grows as you progress, building bigger stadiums, attracting bigger sponsors, more fans, hiring scouts and coaches and adding a women’s team and youth academy.

You’ll pick an avatar that best represents your personality, allowing you to customise your appearance and attributes. You can even select the source of your ‘wealth’; be it a property tycoon, music mogul or advertising agency veteran. You’re the owner, so the choice is up to you.

Your club will start with a selection of mid to lower profile players from the English Premier League. As your financial might and club reputation grow, you’ll be able to dip into the transfer market to bring in bigger EPL stars from Bruno Fernandes to Harry Kane. And as you upgrade your scouting networks, you can start to bring in stars from around Europe too from Messi and Camavinga to Florian Wirtz.

Players’ scores for your club will be based on their real world performances, you’ll be able to compete against friends and users around the world in an unparalleled social experience built around the sport you love — celebrate and commiserate in real time during the games with emojis and chat with your friends! Join community leagues where you play co-operatively with your friends or help get your friend started as an affiliate club and loan him/her a star player to jump start their career!

Beyond the reality based performances of your players, our daily minigames allow you to really step into the shoes of a club owner, undertaking enjoyable and engaging games synonymous with club owners up and down the football pyramid. Completing minigames shape your owner persona, win you club fans and unlock achievements. All building the value of your club in the global rankings.

We’re building CLUB with different types of fans and players in mind, for casuals who want to play every now and again through to hardcore players, some of whom could even become an in-game Scout, another unique feature that rewards you for providing casual players with helpful recommendations.

Last but not least, we’re excited to share that a Play and Earn model will be available to our Club Owners. So for those Owners who are interested, you can play entirely for free, from all ages and backgrounds, yet still create real world value by trading your Club and its assets to other COs & fans. We’re still confirming how this will be brought to life so more on this in due course 👀

We really believe CLUB will connect owners emotionally to the biggest football stars on the planet. It will be the ultimate companion app when watching your favourite sport. So if you know your football, we look forward to seeing you in our hall of fame. No pressure!

For those of you eager to meet the team, talk football and help us build the next big mobile football game, feel free to join our new Discord Channel by following this link (it’s free and full of good vibes): https://discord.gg/9PwHj9p7nV

Thank You (again)

To our future CO’s who have already designed club badges, brainstormed their name and the ambition for their club…thank you, it doesn’t go unnoticed! Here’s our favourite club badge so far courtesy of Valdomar Football Club and its owner, Austin 🔥💥😎

That’s all for now, but we’ll back soon with behind the scenes info on team, roadmap and maybe even some limited edition drops you can get your hands on. Until then, spread the word amongst your friends, Pre-Register, join our Discord and give us a follow on socials to keep up to date ✌️

Originally published at https://www.clubgame.app on November 19, 2022.