02–CLUB Roadmap, Team & Founding Clubs

Welcome and Happy New Year COs! We made giant steps forward in 2021 inc. some immense pre-register numbers (13k+) and developed the foundations for CLUB as a free-to-play mobile game. 2022 however, is going to be a different level altogether for our community.

Let’s not keep you waiting. Here is what we’ve got covered in our second CLUB update:

1. Roadmap 2022; this has been highly anticipated.
2. CLUB Team; we’ve worked hard on building a team that is capable of creating a world class game but also has real credibility in the world of football.
3. Founding Clubs; 20,000 total supply (10k Gold Founding Clubs, 10k Meta Founding Clubs). Not to be missed.

Without further ado, let’s dive in:


2022 is going to be a BIG year for CLUB and all our COs. We’ve always been very bullish that we want to build a strong, organic community and really reward early adopters who buy into the CLUB concept. So whilst the Roadmap will grow and develop, we hope it already demonstrates our ambition and the enormous opportunity available to our COs, especially those who are early:

From the outset of building CLUB, it was imperative to us to have a team who were football obsessed; either having worked in football in their careers or/and are avid fans of the beautiful game. It ensures we build a game that we know our audience of millions will come back to day after day but more importantly, reassures our COs that their trust is placed in safe hands. Here’s the core CLUB Team:

Club Chairman, Alex — Former Chairman of the English Football Association.

Joint CEO, Guy — Former CEO of Fitzdares, Director at Squawka & Consultant at 21st Club valuing and predicting football player performance.

Joint CEO, Chris — Fantasy League Advisor, Squawka FD & CEO/Co-Founder of Immersive Album (acquired by Melody VR).

Head of Product, Adam — Sorare Academy Founder, Fantasy Football Scout contributor, Gaming Fanatic & Former MOD Project Manager.

Head of Brand & Marketing, Tom — Former Head of Brand at Footbolé & Brand/Advertising for Heineken, Sony, Mars+ more.

Head of Football, Mike — Sports Lecturer, Author and National Governing Body of Sport background.

Community Manager, Mel — Former Sorare Ambassador, football blogger and NFT Discoverer.

Content Exec, Joe — Football Journalist Graduate, Derby Season Ticket Holder and all-round nice guy.

For those in our discord, you’re probably very familiar with us already. For those who aren’t, feel free to join. It’s a growing community and we’re always happy to answer questions about the game and have a good chinwag, we’re football fans just like you after all. Access to the team for our COs really is a non-negotiable, so don’t be shy.


Incentivising & rewarding our Early Adopters is top of our agenda, so say hello to our Founding Clubs. 20,000 of them in total.

The Founding Clubs are split into two offerings:

  • Gold Founding Clubs for those who want to be first in the game with their unique club name and Founding Club in-game status; and

Both packages get our Founding Club Owners a low 1/1 Club Number, something which — all being well — could become very desirable in the future as well as exclusive kits, private discord channels plus much, much more. We’ve purposefully tried to make the pricing accessible. Whilst in the world of Eth & Bitcoin £20 is unheard of, for others £20 is a lot of money, so we hope all who want a Founding Club are able to get their hands on one.

For our Meta Clubs, a final decision on ETH price will be made shortly along with the phasing of the drops; not all Meta Founding Clubs will be available immediately. Our only advice: don’t sleep on this! You can find out more details and reserve a Founding Club here: https://www.clubgame.app/founding-clubs

Still unsure what CLUB has in store? Well, here’s a little sneak peek of a stadium which you’ll be able to upgrade, customise and flex 💪. Does it live in the city, an eco park or in the mountains? You decide and watch as it transforms from day to night based on your geo-location.


Before we leave…a question we keep getting asked from all the HODLers, Apes & Sweepers. WILL CLUB HAVE NFTS? WEN CAN I MINT MY CLUB? WILL I BE ABLE TO EARN FROM CLUB? That’s for our next update. But as alluded to above...yes, yes you will! 🤫 (and yes, those Meta Club assets…you guessed it, all mintable). 👀

Until next time!




The Football Ownership Game

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