03– Is CLUB really Free to Play with Play & Earn? Both at the same time?

4 min readFeb 4, 2022


The simple answer is yes. Here’s how and why…

Football fans are a unique breed. We know this only too well following our beloved teams around the country and across Europe and having worked in football for most of our careers, including our Chairman, Alex who oversaw the English Football Association. It was our love of the beautiful game that brought about CLUB as a concept; to allow fans to really step into the shoes of a football club owner (CO).

That ethos is still at the heart of CLUB. So, regardless of where you are in the world, your age, your background or gender, you will be able to go onto the App or Play Store, download CLUB and play entirely for free come July. You’ll be able to customise your club and its assets, buy and sell players, win promotion, gain fans, compete in tournaments. All without a penny spent.

There will of course be in-app purchases & a Season Pass but these are designed to make your Club more unique and enhance your overall game experience. Your eye for football talent will ultimately be one of the defining criteria for how quickly your Club progresses.

Example of basic tiered kits

So…we hear you say “this all sounds great. So why the play & earn NFT element?”

It’s quite simple really, our team at CLUB are football gaming nerds. We’ve ploughed hours, days…even months of our time into football games. They’re great. But often you reach the end of a sim or a career and you have nothing to show for it (unless you did your own trophy presentation…guilty!).

No more.

A core pillar of our gameplay alongside creating and building your club is selling your club and any cool collectibles you earn along the way. Plus it’ll allow you to take your Owner profile outside of the game too. It’s what real COs do and as with everything in the game, we want our user experience to really mirror this. The beauty of NFTs and our twin-track approach is that those who truly want to sell their club or its assets will be able to. Therefore the time you’ve committed is actually realised as real-world value. We’re acutely aware that the majority of our owners may have no interest in minting or selling their club assets and and for those who this applies to you needn’t give it a second thought. You’ll still have a world-class mobile game to play and compete in.

Does Play & Earn mean you can quit your day job? Of course not. Our aim by having a blockchain compatible game is to simply enhance the whole experience of being a CO. With traditional gaming, all of the profits from the game go to the developers and their investors. Play & Earn allows the players of the game to share in that success. Without the players, the game is nothing, and we firmly believe everyone should have a chance to share in CLUB’s success.

So to summarise:

  • CLUB is free to play for all those who wish to play a free to play game.
  • There is the option for COs to mint their club and assets (kits, badges etc…) but it is entirely optional. This is important to remember.
Example of tiered badges

With the above in mind we currently have an exclusive pre-sale available where COs can become one of our 20,000 Founding Clubs if they wish. Again, these are optional but they are a way for us to identify and reward our earliest COs now but also in future (lots of exciting things in the pipeline for our Founding Club Owners):

Gold Founding Clubs have been designed for those who simply want to secure their club name, in-game Founding Club status and an exclusive kit, amongst other perks. This will be available for £20.

Meta Founding Clubs on the other hand include all the perks of Gold, but also provide you with x3 NFTs immediately (Club, Kit & Badge) + a lifetime VIP pass for future utility and access. ETH price TBC but likely to be between $150-$200 equivalent. These will be dropped in phases of 2,500’s with 2,500 currently available to reserve in Phase 1. The current mint price will only be guaranteed for Phase 1 so it’s one not to be missed.

We’ve kept the Founding Clubs relatively under wraps thus far, ensuring our early adopters are able to get their hands on one so it’s great to see so many being reserved before we close these off for official whitelisting soon. Check out a handful of the reserved Clubs here (we are slowly updating the site with all the Founding Clubs so thanks for your patience).

If you’re still reading at this point, thank you! A lot to digest in this update but we hope you’re as excited about CLUB as we are. Not long now…

Until next time,