05–MLS Player Engine Test is LIVE!

The time has come.

After lots of long nights and thousands of coffees consumed, we now have some exciting news…the MLS Player Engine Test is ready to begin!

First and foremost, a quick note from the CLUB Team: we keep saying it, but the supportive and positive culture amongst our community is incredible. We are honestly blown away by the excitement, especially given how early you all are on the journey. Thanks again and keep it up COs! 🚀

What are the Test objectives?
Firstly, this isn’t the final game. In fact it probably contains as little as 10% of planned features. What we are testing however is incredibly important and focusses on refining the part of the game which covers scoring of real-world players, what we call the ‘Player Engine’, allowing us to ensure:

  1. CO’s can intuitively and successfully pick a team of players

The test will have bugs. Some are known as listed in the patch notes (see discord channel) and inevitably some we are unaware of. That’s the purpose of testing and why we need the help of our Founding Club Owners. Please be patient with us as the bugs surface and we address them in the coming weeks.

To reiterate — and this is important — the rest of the game inc. the club building experience, your infrastructure, the UI, social features, progression and more are all things that we are developing and will be tested in later phases with you and wider groups of COs as part of Season Zero (22/23 season).

We will mainly communicate with you about the test on Discord so please join us there if you haven’t done so already. There will be a dedicated channel for feedback so feel free to comment in there and obviously please bear in mind our test objectives as outlined above. We assured you as our founding community that we wanted you to help shape the game, so here’s your first real chance.

There are more details on the MLS test after the Download/Login instructions, so make sure to read further if you have time.

Download and Login Instructions 📱


  1. All Founding COs will receive access to the Player Engine Test.

Android (please follow very carefully)

  1. All Founding COs will receive access to the Player Engine Test.

For those not on Discord, the CLUB Team will be able to support on email too within working hours.

Further Player Engine Test Information 🏟️

Club Owner Journey

  • Once the app is downloaded (instructions above) and you are logged in, CO’s will be able to choose an owner name, create a profile and name their Club. Founding CO’s will already have their Club’s name there at the start.
  • Once CO’s have set their basic badge and chosen a kit, they will be able to dip into the transfer market and assemble their very first squad!

How to Play?

  • Go to Squad > Transfers and make your selections. You can search by name, or filter by position/role/club.

These are all available in-game by simply clicking the ‘?’ button on ‘Match’ and may be updated as new features are added. Notable rules include:

  • A captain gives a 50% bonus to a players score

So that’s it for now, CO’s. A huge amount of work has gone into getting us to this point in such a short space of time, but we’re committed to delivering an incredible entertainment experience and this is just the beginning. With so much more to come, we’re excited to go on this journey together.

Now…who’s setting an alarm for those MLS Kick-Offs? ⏰



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