August 2023 Community Update

3 min readAug 31, 2023


Hey COs!

Hope you all had an epic summer? Our batteries are fully recharged after some much-needed R&R time for the team, and we’re fired up and ready to tackle a busy few months ahead. 💪

Let’s catch up on the latest happenings…

New world-class signings

We’ve secured some huge talent acquisitions in the transfer window:

Ho-Yee Li has joined us as Senior Producer, bringing a wealth of experience from Interior Night and Epic Games studio Mediatonic, where she worked on the BAFTA-nominated Fall Guys.

Ross Hammond, our new Senior Graphic Designer has worked his design magic with big names like Chelsea FC, Team Sky, The FA, and recently with Channel 4 during its recent identity and platform redesign. Despite his work with Chelsea, he’s actually an Arsenal season ticket holder.

Another Arsenal supporter (we’ll allow it), Dillon Powlett, joins us as IT Consultant with a decade’s experience from a range of companies including Improbable and PlayStation London Studio. Fun fact: Dillon was also a semi-professional Wrestler and featured on the WWE Network!

The squad is shaping up nicely and we may have a few more game-changing signings up our sleeves! 👀 In the meantime, please give a warm welcome to our new recruits! 👏

Game development

We’ve always talked about building strong foundations and it’s proved worthwhile with the internal build running smoothly from the off (standing ovation to our tech team). 🙌

With that under our belt, we’re now looking to build out our feature set to test internally. The Premier League kicked off in August and we switched our build over from the MLS and gave the home screen a bit of a refresh. Unsurprisingly, our Community Lead, Mel won the internal MLS league and is currently unbeaten in our internal EPL league too. It’s a marathon not a sprint though and we’re hopeful she gets complacent!

We’re looking forward to getting some of our Founding COs in for a test drive this season. 👍

Let’s Settle It!

Football is all about opinions, right? In our recent content series, we had podcasters, Liban and Faysal weigh in on some of the most fiercely contested debates in Football.

Best manager? Best stadium? Best kit? 🤔

Head over to our TikTok and Instagram channels to find out who came out on top and don’t forget to give us your takes too!

Meet the team — Joe

In this month’s instalment, it’s time to get to know our Content Manager, Joe Lightfoot, who some of you may recognise from our TikTok. Learn about his role, why he’s hyped for the game, and why Frank Lampard was responsible for the best match he’s ever witnessed! 👀

Read the interview

CLUB COs know ball

The CLUB FPL League is live and shows just how good the ball knowledge is in our community. Our early FPL league leaders, ‘Eze Does It’ and ‘Tanghata Athletic’, are crushing it inside the top 30k globally — out of 9.5 MILLION teams! And our CO at the top of our predictions league is in the top 1% in the world right now too. 🔥

We know you know your stuff, but what about the Formation Games team? We’re proud to announce that we are one of the headline sponsors of the Games Industry FPL League this year, which means we can see how our knowledge stacks up against the rest of the industry, and raise a bit of money for charity along the way. 😊

Until next time,
Formation Games Team