From concept to COs. Founding Club Kits are here!

The moment has arrived.

It was the end of May when we announced we’d be sending out a physical CLUB shirt to any Founding CO that requested one. Five months later, it’s an absolute joy to see the first shirts arriving with you.

There has been a lot of work in those five months to make this a reality. From finding the right manufacturer, to honing the design, sourcing some clever, recyclable packaging and figuring out how to deliver nearly 900 shirts to 58 different countries around the world. Quite the task!

The shirt drop wasn’t part of our initial roadmap — and hasn’t replaced or distracted from work going into the game — but it’s something we wanted to do as a thank you to those of you who have supported us from the very beginning. We hope it’s also a little insight into who we are and how we intend to operate as a studio, with our community at its heart.

The design

The shirts are Premier League quality. Literally. Having been produced in the exact same factory as shirts worn week-in, week-out by players in The Premier League & La Liga (hence the slightly tighter fit). Teams are confidential 🤫

Whilst there’s been a slight delay on delivery, quality is one thing we won’t compromise on and we’ve been through a number of rounds of changes on the map to ensure it’s visible but also subtle; a hard balance to achieve. We’ve also improved some of the other detailing including the collar and stitching.

CLUB Game Founding Kit

The packaging

Waste in the fashion industry is significant. We don’t intend to add to it now, or in the future. We’ve used recycled packaging and avoided product waste by making the shirts to order for each and every one of our Founding COs who completed the form.

Whilst we have done everything in our power to ensure kits arrive at doorsteps without any issues, inc. covering custom fees, the customs processes in each country are unfortunately out of our hands, as are delivery times once in the local countries which may be affected by local strikes etc… We’ll do our best to help if you do experience any issues which you can let us know about here or in Discord.

So, what’s next?

In the meantime, we look forward to seeing you rocking those shirts on socials. Please tag us in any posts and use the hashtag #ClubGame

Of course the big decision now is: do you wear it or frame it…?

Until next time,




The Football Ownership Game

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