From concept to COs. Founding Club Kits are here!

The design

The shirts feature a subtle fully sublimated map of the world, a nod to our COs from all around the globe. This is coupled with fully sublimated CLUB branding, an embroidered hem badge and unique ‘manufacturer’ mark; a bespoke design in homage to our first ever physical kit, which provides an embossed, tactile feature to the shirt.

CLUB Game Founding Kit

The packaging

We know that unboxing a shirt is an experience in itself so we wanted to put a little of our personality into the packaging too. Sorry to the United fans amongst you 😉

So, what’s next?

As outlined in our recent post on Twitter & Discord, our COs are due a proper update on everything CLUB so we will be providing a full update next month. Lots going on behind the scenes!



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