Meet the team: Ho-Yee Li

4 min readOct 31, 2023


This is our regular series that shines a light on some of the members of the Formation Games team.

In the hot seat this month is our Senior Producer, Ho-Yee Li.

Can you start by telling us when you joined Formation Games and what you were doing before?

It’s been quite a journey! I trained as an engineer at university but decided it wasn’t the career for me. Immediately after that, I worked in the events industry for a few years until burnout hit from the long hours. I also briefly worked as an analyst for a mining company.

Looking at my skills, I decided to combine my project management background with my passion for tech by moving into digital agency work. I worked on various digital projects, always drawing inspiration from video games but with a fraction of the budget and ambition.

Breaking into the games industry can be tough, but I knew I wanted to do something more creative and bring joy to people. Eventually, with the help of a former colleague, I got my opportunity at Mediatonic. That experience is why I’m so passionate about mentoring in the industry and helping others to make a similar transition.

That was about 5 years ago. In July, I took on the role at Formation Games and I’ve loved every minute since!

Can you tell us a bit about your role as Senior Producer?

I’m here to create a great working environment — helping everyone do their best work on the game development and operations side of the studio. A production role is sometimes like a coaching position, assisting people in finding solutions. Other times, it requires rolling up your sleeves and doing whatever it takes to unblock things and keep projects moving.

I love my job, even if it’s not the most glamorous role in the studio. I really enjoy working with people and bringing technology and talent together to build something fun that people want to play.

Ho-Yee with our Executive Producer, Neil

Let’s talk games! What’s the first game you can remember playing?

The first game I can remember was a game that my big brother coded on the Commodore 64 — a frustrating maths game with simple addition. As big brothers do, he deliberately made it challenging for me with 5-digit equations, often leaving me in tears while he laughed!

As for real games, Street Fighter 2 Turbo on the Commodore 64 stands out. I cut my teeth on that while getting regularly beaten by my brother, who had a 7-year advantage over me.

Do you have a favourite game of all time?

That’s difficult. If you really pressed me, probably Dungeon Keeper 2 (which Jonty, our CEO, worked on) but I have such a varied diet of games it’s hard to choose.

For a more contemporary answer, I’d say the Dark Souls series. They’ve all really gripped me, they’re all masterpieces. Unlike most games, they really force you to improve as a player, you can’t just casually play them, and I like that challenge.

How much do you follow football? Do you have a favourite team or memory?

I’ve never been a huge football fan but I’ve enjoyed learning about football at the studio. Before starting this role, I watched the Arsenal All or Nothing Series and I loved Arteta’s coaching approach and his whiteboarding skills!

My main football memory is from Euro 96. Gareth Southgate’s mum was a support teacher at my primary school and we all made cards to wish him good luck. When he missed that infamous penalty, we were all devastated, thinking our cards weren’t good enough to motivate him to score!

It’s been nice seeing him now as the England manager. That hometown connection remains, and I appreciate how he’s supported young players like Saka, encouraging him to take the penalty in Euro 2020 and backing him after the miss.

Baobao likes to supervise Ho-Yee at work

What excites you most about CLUB?

I love a game with narrative and RPG elements, and that’s something that gets me excited with CLUB. We’re weaving real football stories into a club ownership narrative in a way that means the decisions you make will genuinely affect the club you’re building.

I believe in our vision and I’m excited to see the way the game is coming together. I’m proud to play my part in making the vision a reality.

Last question, would you rather have pineapple on your pizza or dip your fries in your milkshake?

Haha, well I’m lactose intolerant so I’d have to go with the pizza, with vegan cheese. I’d likely pick the pineapple off and eat it separately since I don’t do sweet and savoury together.