04–Testing, torque & threads


We’ve got plenty of news for you so without further ado, we’ll dive right in:

May European Testing
This won’t be happening for the end of the European Football Season. The team have been testing the last week or two and whilst it’s in a really good place we unfortunately can’t magic more European Football out of our CLUB hats. We’ve made unbelievable progress in such a short space of time and as you’re well aware, mobile games are not trivial to build.

MLS Player Engine Test: Founders Access 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
European testing won’t quite happen. But testing our player engine with the MLS is! June 24th is the target and it’ll help fill that football void for us all. Remember this isn’t the full game. Far, far from it in fact. This is purely a functional test & a chance for our Founding Clubs to feedback on technicals. See it more as focus group testing; Does the scoring work? What device are you on so we can identify bugs? The ‘club building experience’ & UI are all things which we‘ll continue to develop over time. We’ve been open from the beginning that we want our Founding COs to help shape the game and this is another chance for you to do that. The bells & whistles will come later! We’ll provide details soon on how our Founding COs can access this.

Meta Founding Club Airdrop 🏎️
We promised that all those who minted a Meta Founding Club and held it one week later would receive a free owner item. By the way, that’s 100% of you. So the Owner Item is 99% there and will be airdropped to you in the coming weeks. Updates on Discord for this. To really put our COs into the shoes of a real-life Football Club Owner, we’re also giving away x2 driving experiences in a supercar. There will be a giveaway in our Discord to enter.

Club Shirt
Many of you have seen it. Many of you want one. Many of you have asked how much? Well there’s good news and bad news. If you’re not a founding club, you can’t get one. So not only is the digital version limited in supply, so is the physical version. If you are a founding club from Phase 1 (Gold & Meta), you can. And furthermore, you’ll get it sent to you for free. Nada. Zilch. Nothing. On the house. You’ve supported us from the very beginning and we’re committed to giving you a lifetime of rewards. Here’s the first. So if you’re a Founding Club Owner, fill out this form. These will be made to order so we’re still looking at 9–10 weeks until delivery but it’ll be worth the wait and ensures we avoid waste. Founding Clubs from future phases will be able to purchase the kit.

Phase 1 Mint
We were delighted that all our early adopters managed to get their hands on a Meta Founding Club. As above, 100% of you have held onto them. A true indication that our COs are here to play the game, have fun and really experience being a Football Club Owner. We mentioned we’ll be offsetting our carbon emissions for this mint. This is underway. We also disclosed that 5% of our mint would be donated to partners in the Ukraine. We’re delighted to inform you that the donation has been passed onto various charities in Ukraine and is already making a difference. This is something we’re very proud of and we thank you for your support in making happen.

So, 24th June. MLS Player Engine Test for Founding Clubs. Plenty more exciting announcements around the corner too, but we’re sure there’s enough here to keep you busy.

Until next time,



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